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America’s #1 Medical Authority on Call at your Fingertips

When you need the absolute best in health care, John Hopkins is the institute ranked #1 year after year. And when you want answers fast, turn to the Johns Hopkins Family Health Book for the knowledge you need from a name you know. Developed in consultation with an advisory board of more than 100 Johns Hopkins physicians, nurses, and health professionals, this indispensable home and medical resource covers a broad range of family health issues and focuses on maintaining good health and preventing diseases.

Read “How to Use this Book” first to learn how the book is organized and to find out where to look for information you need, whether you are trying to interpret symptoms, wish to know more about a medication, or are looking for general health and nutrition facts.

Part 1. Staying Healthy provides the underpinnings of a healthy lifestyle, including recommendations on nutrition, exercise, everyday safety, smoking, alcohol, and addiction.

Part 2. Health Over the Life Course details what you need to know about genetics and your family health history, and the special health concerns of pregnancy and childbirth, infancy, the preschool to preteen years, the teen years, adulthood, and the senior years.

Part 3. First Aid and Emergency Caregives you the tools to evaluate health emergencies, from everyday cuts and bruises to life-threatening crises.


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